Meeting Haitian Sisters in Christ
Posted by Jessica Marble on July 18, 2012

Dr. Bobbie Solley and her team are in Haiti this week training the teachers. We have received this email from her and would like to share it with you! Please continue to pray for Bobbie and the team.


Well...we have finished our 2nd day with the teachers and we are loving it! is extremely hard and tiring and frustrating, especially the

language but we are having a great learning experience. The teachers are

still receptive but it's getting harder and harder for them to understand.

We were going to do some things with literacy today and found out there is

not even a word in Creole for literacy!!'s hard but so very

fulfilling. My  teachers are beginning to really open up.  Jezula came up to

me before lunch and hugged me and told me she loved me!!  Once again...I

wanted to cry.


We are learning Creole from the teachers. They have all had a good laugh at

me as I've tried to make my lips and tongue do what they are supposed to do

in order to speak Creole.  I told them I had too much of a southern

accent, but they really didn't get that!


The Bible study with the women went well. We had over 50 women yesterday but

only about 20 today. They are a very spiritual, Christ-loving group of

women. Tera prayed yesterday and Anna prayed today - both had beautiful,

heart-felt prayers that....made me cry!  We taught the women how to get into

a circle and hold hands while we prayed and then we all squeezed 3 times - I

love you!  It was amazing to be with Christian women who look different from

us, live different from us, speak different from us, yet share the same Lord

and Savior with us.  We were truly one with Christ today. Won't Heaven be

grand when "all of God's children get home"?


I love you all,