Women Willing to Help Each Other in Kenya

October 20, 2023

The family of Healing Hands International is growing, and it is indeed a pleasure to introduce you to Caroline Isaambe of Kitale, Kenya!

Caroline is a new Women of Hope Coordinator in Kitale, and she is working alongside the phenomenal HHI International staff member Jannette Akoth, a vital member of the HHI organization. Jannette has played pivotal roles in improving women’s lives through WOH, as well as HHI’s Hunger to Harvest and MAGI programs. Her passion for Jesus exudes throughout her many responsibilities and accomplishments, helping countless souls step out of poverty and into grace and opportunity.

Caroline and Jannette became friends years ago, after a chance meeting while both were attending the Great Commission School in Nairobi. Maintaining a connection, Caroline offered a helping hand for Jannette’s HHI training sessions, always eager to be used in the Lord’s work, whatever the task. After volunteering for HHI, she officially joined the team in May of this year. She is looking forward to equipping and empowering women worldwide so that families, communities and generations can flourish in the years to come.

Caroline is a single mom, raising her only son by herself, facing challenges that many of her peers have faced. She has put on courage, and in the reality of struggling odds, her persistence and determination have overcome the mountains once in her path.

She is emboldened to reach out to others as she rises, excited to work with women who remind her of her own hurdles in life. She uses her experience for good and empathizes with other single moms, offering a healing mentor who understands their hardships.

Caroline has already trained nearly 100 women in business skills such as marketing, budgeting and record-keeping. She is sharing the very tools that helped build happiness and opportunity in her own life, facilitating change like the breath of fresh air she breathes.

By supporting Women of Hope, our donors provide the fuel for HHI to reach more women, more families, and more communities. Your care, concern and action offer access for more women in Kenya–and all over the world–to receive the education that causes a great shift in life outcomes, bringing them into the conversation that decides their respective destinies, all by the glory of the Lord:

“…the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” (Isaiah 61:3)