Clean Water

Change A Community

The most basic of human needs is clean water. Healing Hands International seeks to meet this need in various ways. Since the clean water program began at HHI, more than 1,500 communities have received the life-saving gift of clean water. These wells combined are providing clean water to more almost two million precious souls. Many of these wells were made possible because of individuals who were inspired to sponsor a community well at $7,500.

In some places, it is not feasible or practical to drill a well, so we provide Sawyer water filtration systems that will filter enough water for a small community each day. Following the earthquake in Haiti, thousands of these filters were distributed to prevent the spread of Cholera.

“Water has been our greatest challenge here in Dindiri ever since I got married here, over 60 years ago. But what I have seen the Lord do today is that my grandchildren will no longer walk for long distances in search of life!”