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Magnificent Crops Curb Hunger in Zimbabwe!

Those cabbages deserve a hearty, “Congratulations!” Actually, the gardeners who tend these crops are the ones celebrating, and deservedly so. The residents who care for the Mashinga Cluster Garden in Zimbabwe have collected this fantastic harvest after months spent carefully planning, composting and watching over their efforts. The Mashinga community previously hosted a Survival Gardening […]

Ubuntu! MAGI Exists Because of You

HHI’s MAGI program has been delivering joy around the world since 1999, made possible by our generous and faithful donors who have believed in this work since the beginning. Recently, and for the first time in the history of Healing Hands International, 12 members of our United States staff gathered together with 22 members of our International […]

Nigerian Village Welcomes New Well

Nigeria is nestled within the western curve of Africa as it turns to the south, situated just above the Equator. Waves from the Gulf of Guinea lap Nigeria’s shores, and the country holds the record for the highest population on the continent. Nigeria’s people come from diverse backgrounds, but they endure similar water-related health hazards from […]

Women Willing to Help Each Other in Kenya

The family of Healing Hands International is growing, and it is indeed a pleasure to introduce you to Caroline Isaambe of Kitale, Kenya! Caroline is a new Women of Hope Coordinator in Kitale, and she is working alongside the phenomenal HHI International staff member Jannette Akoth, a vital member of the HHI organization. Jannette has played pivotal roles […]

Admirable Ambition for Tanzanian Harvests

Tanzania is located on the Eastern coast of Africa. Known for its rich, cultural history and traditions, it is also quite famous for its geological significance, as it is home to the continent’s highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro. Even in its world renown, many of its citizens struggle with ample food production, doing the best […]

Haiti Earthquake Update

On August 14, 2021, the southern peninsula of Haiti was rocked by a 7.2 earthquake, resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries. The ongoing political situation in Haiti has made transporting relief inside the country extremely dangerous. HHI employees have constructed fifty emergency shelters, which have now turned into permanent housing due to their quality […]

Nigerian Village Shines With Borehole Blessings

AFRICA is the second largest continent on earth, behind Asia in both size and population. NIGERIA is known as the “Giant of Africa.” Its land expanse sits on the continent’s western coast, maintaining Africa’s largest population. It contains a wealth of natural resources, many of which remain untapped.  ABUJA is the capital city of Nigeria. It is home […]

Celebrating & Empowering Women in Zimbabwe

As you join HHI on our journey seeking hope for women worldwide, you will discover that we have a passion for supporting female entrepreneurs. Empowering women is a crucial component in fostering economic growth and social progress. Our goal is to give women the opportunities and resources they need in order to lift themselves—and ultimately […]

Bananas and Moringa Trees Transform Nigerian Community

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with over 231 million people living in the western coastal nation. Its oil industry has produced some of the wealthiest businessmen on the continent, but the gap of socioeconomic disparity is wide, and over 90% of its citizens live in extreme poverty. Through our Hunger To Harvest […]

Watch: HHI + Mission Lazarus, Team of Hope!

Deep in Central America, there is a country that sits on rich, natural resources, complete with sugar cane and tropical fruits, coffee, and abundant minerals within the earth. There are lush rainforests, rugged mountains that rise up against the clouds, and turquoise waters that lap Pacific and Caribbean beaches. Colorful fabrics decorate the culture and […]

Invest in Women and Change the World!

At Women of Hope, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of empowering women in the business world. When given a chance, women act as agents of change in their communities. They have the unique ability to organically improve their own situations, as well as the lives of their families and neighbors. In India, cultural traditions […]

Water, Joy and Hope at the Well in Uganda

Imagine a steamy, summer day with an intense sun that lingers loosely on the horizon, and a slow wave of heat unbroken by breezes or shade. A tall glass of ice water is the perfect relief, and the condensation on the outside of the glass cools you off as you press it to your forehead. […]

The MAGI Project is making an impact in Brazil!

For many years, Selma Raab has shared a deep passion for the MAGI Project. She was first introduced to the program through her church’s involvement in Richmond, VA while serving as a MAGI Coordinator. Shortly thereafter, Selma became a huge advocate for the MAGI Project and rallied other churches surrounding the Richmond area to get […]

Kishnaveti’s Story of Blessing

At HHI, we know that empowered women, empower women. Mentorship is a life-changing gift that allows others to pass on the blessing and lift others up. Krishnaveti knows the impact of training, support, and encouragement. Prasanthi is the Women of Hope Coordinator in India. She has a sewing program that trains, supports, and encourages women. […]

Hunger to Harvest Training serves as a wake up call!

Many people residing in the Aripezu community of northern Uganda live in poverty and lack the opportunity to ever go to school. In some cases, young girls are given away for marriage as a way of providing income for the parents. In September, HHI was blessed to host a Hunger to Harvest Workshop for 34 […]

Another clean water well in Ethiopia!

Meet Nuritu Adela. ? Nuritu is the mother of seven children, and they reside in the Gidabo village of Ethiopia. As is typical in this particular region of the country, the natural water source dries up in the summer, resulting in long wait times at the nearest spring. On average, Nuritu would spend four hours […]

Clean water is now accessible in Namaluma!

The people of Namaluma, Malawi were used to drinking dirty water, as they regularly gathered their water from a nearby pond. Now, they have a reliable water source close to home, which provides clean water for their families. Kevia Macheso is a member of the local church and lives in Namaluma. She praised God for […]

Soaring to New Heights

Women of Hope has a NEW partner in Kenya! Our team is eager to announce HHI’s latest partnership with the Soaring Eagle Community Transformation Education Centre (SECTEC) in western Kenya! With a grant from Women of Hope, Hunger to Harvest Trainer, Augustus Kimanzi, launched SECTEC. Many of the girls in Augustus’ village finish middle school, but they don’t […]

Sewing talents making a difference for Ukrainian Refugees

Through the Dorcas Ministry, groups of people, both young and seasoned, are coming together to minister to the hurting people of this world. They are utilizing their talents for sewing by working together to create shorts, dresses, diapers, blankets, etc. These handmade items are included in shipments to missionaries, hospitals, orphanages and churches around the world. […]

Bringing Hope and Answering Prayers

The Makutano Village is mainly a plateau bordering the Rift Valley of Kenya. The natural resources of the area include pasture land, forest, wildlife and rivers. The limiting factors for agricultural production in this area are frequent dry spells and poor rainfall distribution. Major droughts occur every 4-5 years. This leads to famine where communities […]

The Sopot Church of Christ in Poland is grateful for your help!

As we continue to be grateful for the connections God has allowed HHI to make in Eastern Europe, our team wants to share with you a story from the Sopot Church of Christ in Poland. This church community has been tirelessly serving families and individuals who had to leave their homes in Ukraine. They are […]

1,000 Dresses Handmade!

Somewhere around the world, 1,000 little girls will have a new dress, thanks to Ruth Mitchell of Mineola, TX. Ruth first learned of the HHI Sewing for Jesus ministry through the Broad Street Church of Christ, where she and her husband attend church. Ruth started sewing pillow case dresses almost two years ago and recently […]