Hunger to Harvest

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Help Us Welcome Clint Smith!

Please join the entire family of Healing Hands International in welcoming Clint Smith to the role of Hunger to Harvest Program Director! Clint is no stranger to the Healing Hands International collection of programs. Nineteen years ago, he attended his first Walk4Water event here in Nashville. Soon after, he traveled to Honduras to build homes […]

From Surviving to Thriving!

Hunger to Harvest training is about helping God’s people go from surviving to thriving (in the wise words of our retiring Hunger to Harvest Program Director, Carl Burkybile), learning and taking on the uplifting words of the scriptures along the way. “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. They will be like […]

Magnificent Crops Curb Hunger in Zimbabwe!

Those cabbages deserve a hearty, “Congratulations!” Actually, the gardeners who tend these crops are the ones celebrating, and deservedly so. The residents who care for the Mashinga Cluster Garden in Zimbabwe have collected this fantastic harvest after months spent carefully planning, composting and watching over their efforts. The Mashinga community previously hosted a Survival Gardening […]

Admirable Ambition for Tanzanian Harvests

Tanzania is located on the Eastern coast of Africa. Known for its rich, cultural history and traditions, it is also quite famous for its geological significance, as it is home to the continent’s highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro. Even in its world renown, many of its citizens struggle with ample food production, doing the best […]

Bananas and Moringa Trees Transform Nigerian Community

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with over 231 million people living in the western coastal nation. Its oil industry has produced some of the wealthiest businessmen on the continent, but the gap of socioeconomic disparity is wide, and over 90% of its citizens live in extreme poverty. Through our Hunger To Harvest […]

Hunger to Harvest Training serves as a wake up call!

Many people residing in the Aripezu community of northern Uganda live in poverty and lack the opportunity to ever go to school. In some cases, young girls are given away for marriage as a way of providing income for the parents. In September, HHI was blessed to host a Hunger to Harvest Workshop for 34 […]

Bringing Hope and Answering Prayers

The Makutano Village is mainly a plateau bordering the Rift Valley of Kenya. The natural resources of the area include pasture land, forest, wildlife and rivers. The limiting factors for agricultural production in this area are frequent dry spells and poor rainfall distribution. Major droughts occur every 4-5 years. This leads to famine where communities […]

The Sopot Church of Christ in Poland is grateful for your help!

As we continue to be grateful for the connections God has allowed HHI to make in Eastern Europe, our team wants to share with you a story from the Sopot Church of Christ in Poland. This church community has been tirelessly serving families and individuals who had to leave their homes in Ukraine. They are […]