Hunger to Harvest Training serves as a wake up call!

April 13, 2023

Many people residing in the Aripezu community of northern Uganda live in poverty and lack the opportunity to ever go to school. In some cases, young girls are given away for marriage as a way of providing income for the parents.

In September, HHI was blessed to host a Hunger to Harvest Workshop for 34 individuals. The attendees learned composting, construction of raised planting beds, and the use of drip irrigation. The training served as a wakeup call for the entire village, as most people had never grown vegetables. At the conclusion of the training, Gladys Mawel shared, “Today, I have seen God’s hands upon our village. For many years, the women in this village have struggled to get vegetables. Few people have planted vegetables and they are expensive. Today, we thank God for Healing Hands International. With this training, we can have vegetables in our homes without walking several kilometers to buy them.”

The solution to chronic hunger begins with equipping and empowering people with the knowledge and skill sets to raise their own food for their families and communities, despite local variables and conditions. HHI’s Hunger to Harvest Program seeks to do just that—one village at a time. Will you join us?