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Singing Oaks church of Christ
October 29, 2017
So Far:$31,949

So much enthusiasm and excitement filled this park in Denton, TX in order to bring people clean water in two different Hemispheres. Together we were able to provide funds for wells in Haiti and Tanzania, and we had a blast doing so! From getting to try the park pond water to eating freshly made beef hot dogs, we did it all!

Rutherford County Walk4Water
November 4, 2017
So Far:$6,989

Have you ever had someone notice a difference being made and want to help with that difference making? We got to witness this firsthand when a non-participant decided to help us reach our goal of putting in a clean water well in the country of Haiti. A big shout out to Rutherford County for walking 4 water and Making A Difference!

Burleson Church of Christ
November 18, 2017
So Far:$630
Every year, we take a Saturday to walk to raise awareness about the need for clean drinking water.  The past several years, we have taken a portion from our Day of Thanks and Giving offering to send to Healing Hands International for the purpose of building new water wells or fixing broken wells in countries like Africa and Haiti. Our most recent involvement has been focused on Haiti, and we have developed a great working relationship with this ministry.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to drink clean water.  This is a great opportunity for the whole family to get involved in a great ministry.  Join us again this year on Saturday, November 18th at 9:30am as we walk to raise awareness about the need for water in countries like Haiti.  Join us also on Sunday, November 19th as we give to help meet this great need!
Please register through the link.  However, keep in mind when registering that you do not have to make a donation through the website.  Instead, prayerfully consider what you want to give on Sunday, November 19th at our Day of Thanks and Giving worship service when we take up a collection for this ministry and many other great mission oriented ministries.



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Christ on Campus Ministry/ Timberlane Church of Christ
March 25, 2017
Total Raised: $8,021
March 26, 2017
Total Raised: $8,015
Saginaw Church of Christ
April 1, 2017
Total Raised: $904
Campus View Church w/ GCSC
April 9, 2017
Total Raised: $7,209
Murray State University
April 15, 2017
Total Raised: $5,996
Broadway Church of Christ
April 22, 2017
Total Raised: $39,056
Cookeville Walk4Water
April 29, 2017
Total Raised: $8,526
Mid-County Church of Christ
May 6, 2017
Total Raised: $8,965
Lancaster Church of Christ
May 13, 2017
Total Raised: $4,047
McKenzie Church of Christ
May 20, 2017
Total Raised: $2,170
Central Kentucky Congregations
July 29, 2017
Total Raised: $7,844
Signal Mountain Middle School
August 30, 2017
Total Raised: $8,460
Clinton Street Church of Christ
September 9, 2017
Total Raised: $10,748
Bellevue Church of Christ
September 10, 2017
Total Raised: $30,680
Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 16, 2017
Total Raised: $20,473
Walk4Water Livonia
September 16, 2017
Total Raised: $5,471
Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 17, 2017
Total Raised: $42,946
Granny White Pike Church of Christ
September 17, 2017
Total Raised: $8,616
Henderson Walk4Water
September 30, 2017
Total Raised: $4,436
North Davis Church of Christ
October 1, 2017
Total Raised: $6,750
Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 7, 2017
Total Raised: $4,037
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 8, 2017
Total Raised: $12,806
MOV Walk4Water
October 14, 2017
Total Raised: $6,733
Three Chopt Church of Christ
October 21, 2017
Total Raised: $4,319