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During this global pandemic, Walk4Water is still committed to bringing clean water to people in need around the world, but we acknowledge the need for precautions. Find and click on your walk page below to find updates about your Walk4Water event. We thank you for your support!

Mt. Juliet church of Christ
August 29, 2020
So Far:$1,693

Virtual walk beginning August 22nd and ending August 29th

In-person event will be on August 29th


The Mt. Juliet Church of Christ will be hosting Walk4Water again this year. This event each year helps raise support and awareness for those who do not have access to a good source of clean water. This 4 mile walk symbolizes the walk many must take every day to have access to water. The challenge we give to you is to help you understand the struggle of so many people in this world. We do understand that many of you are uncomfortable coming in person to this event. We recognize this and want you to be as safe as possible. Due to the time and age we are living in right now we will also give you the opportunity to register to walk anytime starting one week prior to the in-person walk. If you want to walk virtually, please see event details below for more information. This year we will host the walk at Charlie Daniels Park on August 29. We hope that you will participate in some form of this walk. If you would like to donate please do as it can make a world of difference to so many communities. 

Mid County Church of Christ
August 30, 2020
So Far:$18,977

Virtual Walk4Water beginning on August 16th and going through August 30th

Mid-Ohio Valley Walk4Water
September 1, 2020
So Far:$7,572

Virtual Walk4Water beginning on September 1st and going through September 19th

Join us for our 5th Annual Mid Ohio Valley Walk 4 Water! Last year we had participants from all over the MOV walking 4 miles, raising awareness and funds to sponsor a clean water well in Zimbabwe. This year we will be doing the same but virtually due to the pandemic. Checkout the Event details to see how you can participate.

The Well. Community
September 12, 2020
So Far:$10,301

Virtual Walk4Water beginning on September 12th and going through September 21st

The Well Community Church of Christ will be the host church for the first Walk4Water event here in Brownsburg, Indiana at the TheWell.Community Center starting on Saturday September 12, 2020 and ending September 21st, 2020. This virtual fundraising event will center around a 4-mile round trip walk that will be completed at the discretion of each participant. This walk symbolizes the average distance traveled by young children and women searching for water in underdeveloped nations such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, or Haiti. The promise of Jesus is that if we “give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded” (Matthew 10:42, NLT). We are asking you to partner with us and do much more than just give a cup of cold water, by raising the funds to go towards the cost of drilling deep wells, called boreholes that can benefit up to 1,500 villagers by providing water for years to come, restore health and save lives. Join us!

Henderson Church of Christ
September 12, 2020
So Far:$2,012

Please come join us on Saturday, September 12th at 9:00 at Gene Record Park as we Walk4Water and try to raise money for the people in the developing world to have clean water!

Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 12, 2020
So Far:$23,275

Join us at Rotary Park for our 7th year of Walk4Water.  In a world where walking 4 miles roundtrip on average to obtain water, which often times is dirty, is just part of life...  That can be changed with every well we drill! We can save lives and even save souls.  Together, we can make a difference.  That difference starts with you.

Central Kentucky Churches
September 12, 2020
So Far:$2,532

On September 12th the churches of Christ in Central KY are coming together for our 4th annual Walk 4 Water. It is so easy to take something like clean drinking water for granted because all we have to do is turn on a faucet and we have a seemingly endless supply of it. We are excited to continue this incredible event so that we can help others throughout the world have the same easy access to clean water as we do. If you are from the Central KY area we would like to encourage you to join us as we raise money to help build a well in an area where clean water is scarce. Together, we can make a difference in this world!

Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 20, 2020
So Far:$6,870

Virtual Walk4Water beginning on September 20th and going through October 4th

The Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water is still going to happen this year!  Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not able to have the in person event at Preston Miller Park.  No worries, we can still walk and still make a difference!  Starting Sunday September 20th and going through Sunday October 4th you can do a 4 mile walk and raise awareness in your neighborhood, at a park, or wherever.  Register online by Sunday September 13th and we will get you a walk t-shirt that you can wear as you walk.  Spread the word to as many people as you can and give them the opportunity to particpate and donate along side of you.  We may be physically apart but we are still together in spirit.  The need for clean water is still there for people around the world and in a world wide pandemic the need is greater.  Bowling Green let's keep our tradition of making a difference by bringing more people access to clean water.  Check out the event details for more information on what you need to do.

Jesus’ Global Community Walk4Water
October 1, 2020
So Far:$980

Virtual Walk4Water beginning on October 1st and going through October 15th

 Spread the News for this Wonderful opportunity to help people who need clean water.  We raise money and awareness for funding clean water wells in the countries we serve.  The first 100 registered participants will receive a special gift to remember your walk and look forward to the next one or to encourage you in organizing a walk in your community.  It's all about giving, giving, giving - our time, our talents, our hearts to help someone else...Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.  from God's written Word.  Have a Happy Blessed Day! He made it, we can do it, through Him.

Clinton Street Church of Christ
October 3, 2020
So Far:$10,689
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
October 11, 2020
So Far:$1,870

Virtual Walk4Water starting on Sunday October 11th and going through Sunday October 25th


Brentwood Oaks' 8th annual Walk4Water is still happening this year!
We want to keep everyone safe from Covid, but we still want to make a difference in the lives of so many who still do not have clean water.
So, we will have a VIRTUAL walk this year!
Here's how it will work: Once you register, a tshirt will be sent for each person that you register along with a video that tells you all the information that you usually hear at the walk. Registration will close on October 4th. You will have two weeks to do a 4 mile walk (or however far you are able to walk) in your neighborhood, on the church property, in a park, wherever you choose!  If you have family members or friends that you are comfortable walking with, feel free!  It's up to you! Spread the word to as many people as you can and give them the opportunity to donate alongside you.
This is a cherished annual event at Brentwood.  Espeially during Covid, we want to continue to spread the good news of Jesus through clean water.

Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 18, 2020
So Far:$20

Virtual Walk4Water beginning on October 18th and going through October 31st

Columbia Academy
October 30, 2020
So Far:$750

Rescheduled to October 30th from September 25th

Columbia Academy will be hosting it's 2nd annual Walk4Water on Friday, October 30.  All of our students will be walking in order to support those without access to clean drinking water.  Our goal is to raise $7500 to cover the cost to dig one well that will benefit up to 1500 people. You can help us out by donating to a child's class team online at this webpage or by sending in money directly to the school. Please join us in our efforts as we Walk 4 Water!

Concord Road Church of Christ
October 31, 2020
So Far:$200

Virtual walk beginning October 19 and ending October 31

In-person event will be on October 31st

Join us for our 1st Annual Concord Road Walk 4 Water! Every day in developing countries, women and children walk an average of 4 miles to collect water for their family. Join us in walking 4 miles Saturday, Oct. 31 to raise awareness and funds to sponsor a well for those in need of clean water. Not able to come in person? No worries, join virtually & take your own hike or walk anywhere & everywhere. Share your pics @ #Walk4Water checkout more details below to see how you can participate.
Birmingham Area Wide
November 1, 2020
So Far:$0

Virtual walk beginning October 19 and ending November 1

In-person event will be on November 1


We’re excited about partnering with Healing Hands International to dig some clean water wells! Our goal is $30,000, and when we get there we’ll be able to dig 4 wells for communities in the developing world! Our Walk4Water event will be Sunday afternoon, November 1. Registration begins at 1:30pm, and the walk starts at 2:00pm. Some will choose to walk the 4-mile distance out of respect for the millions of women and children in developing countries who walk this distance daily to get water, which — in most cases — is contaminated by different kinds of bacteria. Others will simply attend the event to show their support and raise awareness for this very treatable problem. It’s also an excellent opportunity to show our kids that we can make a difference in the lives of fellow human beings who are struggling. Please also make plans to stay after the walk for a joint worship service!

Maysville Church of Christ
November 7, 2020
So Far:$0

Virtual walk beginning October 24 and ending November 7

In-person event on November 7


Have you ever been sitting on the couch, wishing you had a glass of water, but at the same time thought, "Nah, I don't want to walk to the kitchen"? You're not alone; we're all guilty of doing that at least a couple of times in our lives, but let me ask you, how far is that actual walk to the kitchen? Twenty, maybe thirty feet? Well, what if your walk was four, maybe five the least. Guess what--for some people not that far from us, it is. 

You can help make that walk a little shorter though! Come join us at Maysville Church of Christ on November 7 and let's take part in making someone's #Walk4Water just a little bit shorter by raising funds to help a third-world community in need have a water well drilled so that water can be made more easily accessible, and maybe even spread some love and the good Word, as well. We look forward to walking with you!

Rutherford County Walk4Water
November 8, 2020
So Far:$0

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This Year's Goal: $450,000
Raised So Far: $133,450

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Lipscomb Academy Lower School
March 4, 2020
Total Raised: $497
Lodi Community Walk4Water
March 14, 2020
Total Raised: $9,800
Christ on Campus Ministry/ Timberlane Church of Christ
March 28, 2020
Total Raised: $20
Tusculum church of Christ
March 29, 2020
Total Raised: $179
Westgate Church of Christ
March 29, 2020
Decatur Church of Christ
April 4, 2020
Total Raised: $300
April 4, 2020
Total Raised: $225
Servants of Christ Campus Ministry
April 18, 2020
Broadway Church of Christ
April 25, 2020
Total Raised: $205
Buckeye Trail HS FCA
April 26, 2020
Hillsboro Church of Christ
April 26, 2020
Pine Valley Church of Christ
May 2, 2020
Fayette County Walk4Water
May 8, 2020
Total Raised: $17,155
Cedarburg HS Global Scholars
May 16, 2020
Total Raised: $520
Licking County Walk4Water
May 16, 2020
Rochester Area Wide Walk4Water
June 6, 2020
Center Church of Christ
June 13, 2020
Lancaster Church of Christ
July 11, 2020
Total Raised: $2,615
Sioux Falls Church of Christ
August 22, 2020
Total Raised: $5,731
Livonia Walk4Water
September 20, 2020
Total Raised: $100
Briensburg Church of Christ
September 26, 2020
MacArthur Park Church of Christ
September 26, 2020
Homewood Church Walk4Water
October 3, 2020
Pleasant View Church of Christ
October 10, 2020