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Signal Mountain Middle School
August 30, 2017
So Far:$8,354

* This event is private and is restricted for the students only. *

Clinton Street Church of Christ
September 9, 2017
So Far:$8,090

On September 9, 2017, we will host our 6th annual area-wide W4W event. As a result of God's providential work in the hearts of generous people near and far, ten water wells have already been provided in India, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Haiti. We are already preparing for and anticipating to see what God will do this year! This is your invitation to come walk with us and/or to pool your financial gift with ours for the saving of human life and God's glorification. Grace to you...

Bellevue Church of Christ
September 10, 2017
So Far:$20,504

Please join us for the first Walk4Water event in the Bellevue community. Water is the source of life, and our Haiti mission teams have seen the life-changing impact a new well can have on a community. Our goal is to raise funds for two new wells in Haiti. The Bellevue community is very blessed. If you want to experiece the joy of sharing God's blessings with those who are most in need, we encourage you to participate in the Walk4Water event.

Lawrence County Walk4Water
September 16, 2017
So Far:$19,473

Turn the tap, the water flows. Not so in many areas of our world. Join us on our 4th Walk 4 Water at Rotary Park, and know the joy of continuing our efforts to bring clean water wells, and repairs to existing wells, to the people of Haiti. No gift is too small, all efforts are welcome. Bring your children and family members, and demonstrate your thankfulness for your blessings. See you there!

Walk4Water Livonia
September 16, 2017
So Far:$1,569

The most basic of human needs is clean water. We are beginning our 6th year of raising awareness of the need for clean, drinkable water.

The goal is to fundraise for the drilling of a new well in Haiti where women and children can walk an average of four miles a day - for contaminated water. This is why: "We walk so they don't have to."

Check out our Facebook page titled, "Walk4Water Livonia" to follow our walks.

Bowling Green Area-Wide Walk4Water
September 17, 2017
So Far:$23,039

Please join us for the fourth annual Bowling Green area Walk4Water. We walk four miles, the average distance women and children walk for water in developing countries.  The walk raises awareness and funds to drill and repair clean water wells in Haiti.  Our motto is, "We walk, so they don't have to."

Walk4Water was brought to the Bowling Green, KY area by the late Grant Cline, who was appalled that thousands of people die daily due to lack of access to clean drinking water.  His dream was for the people of Bowling Green and the surrounding counties to bring wells to villages in Haiti.

A well was dedicated to Grant in July 2015, in the mountain village of Attis, outside of Port-au-Prince.  We visit it every year to see the villagers, and they always express their love and gratitude for clean water.  Teams have gone to Haiti the past three summers to participate in getting wells into the communities.  The difference we see as we return each year is both remarkable and encouraging.

Our Walk4Water is hosted for the 4th year by Greenwood Park Church of Christ.

Granny White Pike Church of Christ
September 17, 2017
So Far:$2,832

Please join us at our 3rd Annual Granny White Pike Church of Christ Walk4Water! Last year we raised $10,733 which sponsored a well being put in Gonaives, Haiti along with well repair and other projects in Healing Hands's water ministry. Join us as we continue to raise awareness and funds toward providing clean water for those in need!

Henderson Walk4Water
September 30, 2017
So Far:$0

For the first time ever on RUSH weekend, Freed-Hardeman University and the Henderson church of Christ will be hosting a Walk4Water event. With more than 2,000 middle and high school students on campus, all seeking to serve God and His people, what better time is there to shed light on such an important issue?

We invite you to join RUSH participants, FHU students, and members of the Henderson community on September 30, 2017, as we walk four miles to raise awareness of the very basic need for clean water. In addition to the walk, a special contribution will be taken up for W4W on Sunday morning, October 1; our goal is to raise $7,500 for a new well in Haiti.

For more information on RUSH weekend, please visit

North Davis Church of Christ
October 1, 2017
So Far:$470

Join us on October 1st, as our church family (North Davis Church of Christ) walks 4 miles to provide clean water for those in need all over the world.  Add this to your Fall list of “Must Experience” events.

Lincoln Park Church of Christ
October 7, 2017
So Far:$50

I'm involved with walk for water because I wanted to help. It's tough in this country to think that people have to drink dirty filthy water. It was hard to imagine men, women, and children dying because of it.  So I got involved.  Then I went to Haiti and saw what it was like. I didn't have to imagine, because I knew.  I saw it first hand. I got to see how people were living and what they needed to do to survive.  Sometimes we have the mindset of, "If it's dirty, then why are you going to put it in your mouth."  But this is water.  It's not something they could pass up.  It's not something that they could go without.  They needed it.  And it wasn't around.  So I got to see that.  And I got to see what it took to change that.  And that was digging  and building a well.  That was the difference for me.  And that is why Walk 4 Water is something that I continue to do. Because of this opportunity to help those in need, I want to encourage you to join us in this fight to bring clean water to the country of Haiti. Register by clicking on the link above!

Brenwtood Oaks Church of Christ
October 8, 2017
So Far:$0

For the past 4 years we have gathered at Brentwood Oaks to walk 4 miles to raise money for water wells and repair of existing wells in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Haiti  We do this because we care about God's people all over the world.  What better way to teach them about the love of Jesus than through clean water.  Drilling two wells can save as many as 7,000 people from sure death. We have visited Haiti and seen what an impact a clean water well can make.  We have witnessed women and children walking miles for water that is contaminated. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus for people who need clean water all over the world.

MOV Walk4Water
October 14, 2017
So Far:$2,382

Join us for our 2nd Annual Mid Ohio Valley Walk 4 Water!  Last year we had participants from all over the MOV walking 4 miles, raising awareness and funds to sponsor a clean water well in Haiti.  We exceeded the amount needed for 1 well and were able to provide Life Saving Water filters to others in dire need for clean water!  Let's join together again for this cause and change the world one step at a time.

Three Chopt church of Christ
October 21, 2017
So Far:$0

Check back here for details once finalized

Singing Oaks church of Christ
October 29, 2017
So Far:$0

We walked for water in 2015 and saw wonderful benefits from that effort.   Both shallow and deep wells were dug along with one well rehabilitation.   The people in the areas of Tanzania were incredibly grateful.   We are excited to Walk4Water again in 2017.  We have an ambitious goal of $30000 for deep wells in Tanzania and Haiti.   We will walk 2 miles to simulate part of the distance that many must walk to get water.   Come help us provide clean life saving water for 1000’s of people.

North Rutherford County Walk4Water
November 4, 2017
So Far:$0

Water. Its essential, but inconsequential, to those of us in Middle Tennessee. We're not hampered by the trouble of where or how we will obtain clean drinking water, its freely available all around us. This is why we Walk for Water. To bring the thought from the rear recesses of our mind to the forefront. To be reminded of our blessings. To be made aware of others burdens. To give following Christ's example.

Burleson church of Christ
November 18, 2017
So Far:$0

The details of the event are being finalized, please check back soon.



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