Walk4Water FAQs

Registration Questions

Why do I need to register?
Registration helps us have the correct number of t-shirts available for your walk. It also helps us follow up with you after the walk to share information on the water projects that your walk sponsored.
What is a team?
A team is a group of people who work together to meet a specified fundraising goal (that the team sets). You can have a team of people from your workplace, small group, or even for your family.

Donation Questions

Do I have to donate to participate?
No! There is no registration fee or required donation amount. We want you to be able to participate in the walk, regardless of your ability to donate.
How can I donate?
You may give by cash, check, or credit card. You can give online via credit car at any time, or by cash or check on the day of the walk.
If I would prefer to give by check, who do I make it out to, and where do I send it?
We would love for you to give by check, as that reduces the bank fees we pay on credit card transactions! You have three options to do this:
  • Give on the day of the event
  • Give your check to local coordinator to be turned in at the event
  • Mail it to our office at 455 McNally Drive, Nashville, TN, 37211
Please make sure to make your check out to “HHI” and in the memo section, indicate that your gift is for Walk4Water and include the name of the walk you would like to give to (for example: Gurley, AL Walk4Water). If you would like to give to a specific walker or team, please also add that information to the check.

Event Questions

Do I have to walk to participate?
No! Walking is not a requirement to participate. You can attend the walk and cheer on those who are walking.
How far do I have to walk?
Most of our walk events are 4 miles long, which represents the average distance that people walk to get water. You do not have to walk at all, or you can walk any distance that you are comfortable with.

Fundraising Questions

How do I fundraise and/or let people know about the walk?
Here are a few ideas to help you spread the word:
  • When you register, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email is a link to your walker page where you can set a fundraising goal for yourself if you wish to. If you use this link and share on social media or via email or other digital means, your friends can donate directly to you to help you reach your goal. Your goal is counted toward the overall walk goal. Sharing this link will also share the walk information with your community!
  • On our Materials page you will find several resources to help spread the word and help you raise funds.

Water Questions

How much does it cost to sponsor a well?
Our well sponsorship level is currently at $7,500. This cost covers everything needed to install a well in a community.
How are walk funds used if they are below the well sponsorship level?
HHI is involved with many different water projects, including well repair, providing water filtration systems, and installing water catchment systems in places where traditional wells can’t be drilled. Funds that are below the well sponsorship level help provide water through projects like these!
Where does HHI drill wells?
We have drilled wells in 25 countries, and counting! We work with local coordinators to assist in the oversight of drilling the wells and selecting the locations for drilling.
How will I know where our funds were used?
When your walk event is matched with a well, you will receive a digital copy of a photo book detailing the location, the number of people using the well, and a story and some pictures from the location. Your local coordinator will receive hard copies of this book that you can also look at.

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