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Clean Water

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Clean Water Fills The Classrooms

Survivors. Sons of Ghana. Water seekers. Not even ten years old, Nkambi and Naayeme are growing up in the remote village of Pkasanando, Ghana. Instead of walking to school to learn about history and science, they carry the burden of walking to find water to drink. Instead of discovering new math skills or an interest […]

Meet Walk4Water Director, Gillian Kelley!

We are enjoying celebrating the members of the HHI family, and we invite you to visit the HHI blog for more staff features. With this edition, we introduce you to our Walk4Water Director, Gillian Kelley.  Walk4Water is HHI’s major fundraising mechanism for the Clean Water Program, and Gillian’s innovative leadership has been critical to its […]

Refreshing Souls in India

The Gospel is available to everyone, without exception. And much like everyone needs the scriptures, everyone needs clean water to live. We are called to help one another, so that when someone is downtrodden, there is an outstretched hand to lift and soothe a suffering soul with the love of Jesus and, if possible, to improve […]

Nigerian Village Welcomes New Well

Nigeria is nestled within the western curve of Africa as it turns to the south, situated just above the Equator. Waves from the Gulf of Guinea lap Nigeria’s shores, and the country holds the record for the highest population on the continent. Nigeria’s people come from diverse backgrounds, but they endure similar water-related health hazards from […]

Nigerian Village Shines With Borehole Blessings

AFRICA is the second largest continent on earth, behind Asia in both size and population. NIGERIA is known as the “Giant of Africa.” Its land expanse sits on the continent’s western coast, maintaining Africa’s largest population. It contains a wealth of natural resources, many of which remain untapped.  ABUJA is the capital city of Nigeria. It is home […]

Water, Joy and Hope at the Well in Uganda

Imagine a steamy, summer day with an intense sun that lingers loosely on the horizon, and a slow wave of heat unbroken by breezes or shade. A tall glass of ice water is the perfect relief, and the condensation on the outside of the glass cools you off as you press it to your forehead. […]

Another clean water well in Ethiopia!

Meet Nuritu Adela. ? Nuritu is the mother of seven children, and they reside in the Gidabo village of Ethiopia. As is typical in this particular region of the country, the natural water source dries up in the summer, resulting in long wait times at the nearest spring. On average, Nuritu would spend four hours […]

Clean water is now accessible in Namaluma!

The people of Namaluma, Malawi were used to drinking dirty water, as they regularly gathered their water from a nearby pond. Now, they have a reliable water source close to home, which provides clean water for their families. Kevia Macheso is a member of the local church and lives in Namaluma. She praised God for […]

The Sopot Church of Christ in Poland is grateful for your help!

As we continue to be grateful for the connections God has allowed HHI to make in Eastern Europe, our team wants to share with you a story from the Sopot Church of Christ in Poland. This church community has been tirelessly serving families and individuals who had to leave their homes in Ukraine. They are […]