Clean Water

Clean water is now accessible in Namaluma!

August 1, 2022

The people of Namaluma, Malawi were used to drinking dirty water, as they regularly gathered their water from a nearby pond. Now, they have a reliable water source close to home, which provides clean water for their families. Kevia Macheso is a member of the local church and lives in Namaluma. She praised God for the gift of clean water, saying, “Our God has revealed that He cares and loves His people. May God help everyone involved in the process to give us clean and safe water.”

Another member of the community, Shaibu Matchirika, echoed those thoughts. “My joy is over the moon. I never thought we would have clean water. When we first heard that God-fearing people in the U.S. wanted to drill a well in our area, we thought it would not be possible. But now we are enjoying the blessings of it. May God bless you.”

Due to your generosity, clean water has now become a reality for an entire community and the hope of Christ is on display across the world. Your gift will change the lives of many for generations to come.