Watch: HHI + Mission Lazarus, Team of Hope!

June 6, 2023

Deep in Central America, there is a country that sits on rich, natural resources, complete with sugar cane and tropical fruits, coffee, and abundant minerals within the earth. There are lush rainforests, rugged mountains that rise up against the clouds, and turquoise waters that lap Pacific and Caribbean beaches. Colorful fabrics decorate the culture and its history stretches back over ancient Mayan stair steps and centuries of discovery.

Honduras, however, is a developing world, and poverty and violence plague its communities. The country’s infrastructure is fractured, and the financial gap between social classes is ever-widening. Education is a multi-generational challenge. Access to opportunity is rare. Families struggle to overcome hunger, and Honduran children do not often know the innocent joy of opening presents.

“But surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.” Proverbs 23:18

Over 20 years ago, Healing Hands International and Mission Lazarus partnered together to assemble packages of hope with the ultimate goal of Making A Godly Impact. MAGI boxes are filled with basic necessities – educational items, hygiene products, clothing and toys – to be hand delivered into the open arms of children worldwide. In 2023, over 16,000 MAGI boxes will be shipped to Honduras, and many hands will work to reach children and families in its cities, villages and even its most remote and mountainous communities. Tens of thousands of MAGI boxes have been delivered to Honduras in the last two decades, all thanks to generous donors and an army of volunteers who breathe life into this monumental effort.

Jarred Brown of Mission Lazarus says the partnership with HHI has been a tremendous blessing. With great joy, he describes the way the overall mission has remained in the spotlight while the logistics are conquered with confidence and faith. Lives and eternities have been transformed and dignities have been safeguarded, all beginning with a box of hope.

In December of 2022, HHI sent a team to Honduras to join Mission Lazarus in serving and distributing MAGI boxes at churches, schools and community centers. Mission Lazarus produced a short video about the experience, telling the story and purpose of MAGI. We invite you to watch, to be inspired, and to join us in celebrating a collaboration forged to shine the light of Christ where there was darkness and doubt.