From Pennsylvania to Honduras

January 9, 2024

MAGI Coordinators are a driving force for this program, constantly bringing new members into the fold, always looking for ways to inspire interest and participation. Mark Hatfield (pictured above in Pedregal, Honduras is our MAGI Coordinator for the Northeast territory of the U.S., and his example is representative of the common thread of passion and commitment poured into MAGI.

Mark hails from the Keystone State of Pennsylvania where he is retired from his selfless service to our country through his career in the Army. Mark and his wife, Jane, have volunteered for HHI since 2016. Much to our benefit, he joined the HHI family on staff in 2022, and now serves as a Regional MAGI Coordinator. He travels from state to state, sharing the ministry of HHI with contagious excitement, filled with the confidence of the Holy Spirit, determined to make a meaningful difference.

With an innovative mind and his ability to find a creative approach, Mark has implemented a way of identifying the very boxes packed by his constituents, even as they are delivered into precious little hands in faraway countries. In his home church, he stores his region’s MAGI boxes for distribution to our home office, bringing his congregation’s children on board by having them mark the boxes with colorful dot markers and pens.

Joining the mission to Honduras, Mark brought a spirit of positivity and a will to work for the greater good. With time for each child in each village, Mark was fully present in each gift. With respect for those who support his MAGI projects and love for our Honduran brothers and sisters, Mark especially watched over those boxes with the colorful dots, shaking hands and hugging the children who were blessed to receive them. He spoke as a representative of each donor from his region, personally tasked with successful reports to those back home, humbly satisfied to see their efforts completed.

We are so thankful for Mark, and for all of our MAGI coordinators and volunteers who lend their hearts to this work. We cannot fathom the stories that God is weaving, drawing us together in ways we may have never dreamed before. The beauty of MAGI lies is in the many hands that make this program flourish, and in the influential seeds planted in the lives of each child who receives a MAGI box.