Hope returns in the mountains of Haiti
Posted by Emily Lansdell on May 22, 2020

In a mountainous area of Haiti called Coup Mardi Gras, a lack of water is an ongoing problem. In this area, rain falls only two months out of the year. Although Healing Hands International has drilled many wells here, not every community has accessibility for drilling. Other sources of water, such as canals, are also very important.

Following a recent earthquake, a canal in this area was severely damaged, leaving crops in a vulnerable state. HHI has also trained and empowered a 300 member farmer co-op in Coup Mardi Gras that relies on this canal. The farmers in this co-op came together to ask for help. Hope was restored through generous donations.

HHI’s Water Project Coordinator in Haiti, James Rucker, worked with a local contractor to help make the canal repairs possible. The farmers were so grateful that they volunteered to provide the labor in the repair process.

“I am very happy for Healing Hands International’s help on this great project,” said community leader Nordeus Frantz. “ We will work hard and make more gardens.  We pray God’s blessings on your organization.  We love you.”

We also love our supporters who make it possible to step in during times of need. Because of funds that were quickly available, these farmers are now able to continue raising healthy food for their community such as brown rice, beans, corn, sweet potatoes, bananas, and mangoes, to name a few. Their spirit of community and generosity is inspiring.