Healing Hands Invited to the Palace
Posted by Lori Kovach on June 13, 2012

Harry Hames has traveled to a lot of different places over the last 25 months but none quite as exciting as the night of June 8. He called it "an experience of a lifetime" as he was invited to dinner at the home of "The Administrateur General du Palais National." He had been told they would send a car to pick him up but he wasn't quite prepared for what arrived. With lights flashing and sirens blaring, two SUVs pulled up to his hotel. Dark tinted windows and bullet proof doors concealed the two armed men inside. As Harry got to the vehicles the men jumped out and opened the door for him, "like I was somebody!"


Harry reports that the home was beautiful, the meal was wonderful and he was able to meet some really nice people. He said, "It was an enjoyable evening to be able to represent HHI for the work we have done for the Haitian people."


All of this excitement because Healing Hands was recently able to provide the palace with an AED machine. An Automated External Defibrillator is used in cases of life threatening cardiac arrhythmias which lead to cardiac arrest. They require minimal training to use and automatically diagnose the patient's heart rhythm 
and determines if a shock is needed. Quite common in public places throughout the United States, this is the first one ever at the President's home in Haiti. Mrs. Martelly thanked HHI for the AED and all we have done for Haiti since the disaster. 


It is amazing to see how God is working in this country! President Joseph Martelly recently dedicated the country to our Lord saying, "I commit the country to God in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, knowing that the Lord is with me." What an awesome statement! We ask that you continue to pray for this country, its leaders, and its people. With God all things are possible!