A Gift Discovered
Posted by Ashley Reeves on February 23, 2015

Healing Hands International's second children's book, A Gift Discovered, was released recently at our Women of Hope conference in Murfreesboro, TN. The book, written for kids but with an ageless message, urges its readers to seek out their gifts, however unlikely, and use them to bless others.

The story of A Gift Discovered, is a compilation of several experiences during several different trips to Montepuez, Mozambique by one of our staff members, Ashley Reeves. During an
internship in Mozambique, she really did (as is alluded to in the story) stumble upon a small hut where a baby had been born moments earlier. The family asked her to name the baby, who still goes by the name, Celestina. "Celestina" has been chosen for the name of the main character in the book, and it is through her story, we see the idea of sharing one's gifts with others come to life.

Healing Hands began partnering with Martha Smith (missionary to Mozambique) and the Mozambican with whom she works, in the fall of 2012. The group calls themselves "Urerihana" which in Makua (the local language) has two meanings. It can mean "to bless one another" as well as "to make one another beautiful." The group believes in their sewing and jewelry making business, they are able to weave the two together. They bless others by making them beautiful, and they in turn are blessed by the generosity of others.

In 2014, HHI returned to Montepuez to parner with missionaries in the area to host a Women's Empowerment conference. Its purpose was to educate women in business skills and help them start small businesses of their own. Women were encouraged to start savings groups and are continuing to learn how to use their income to help provide for their families. 

Because of the generosity of caring people in the United States, our Women's Empowerment program is blessed to be working in six different countries: Haiti, India, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Mexico. We thank you for your continued support for this ministry! To buy the book today, click here