An 18,000 Mile Journey
Posted by Jessica Marble on August 16, 2012

Carl Burkybile, Burt Nowers, and Homer Dudley have been across the world in Zambia, Swaziland, and South Africa. Last week they attended the Africans Claiming Africa for Christ Conference. After Ebenezer Udofia, HHI's Director of African Agriculture spoke at the conference, many people quickly went to Healing Hand's display to learn more about what we teach. The team was able to give out promotional material and make connections with new faces. Ebenezer has been teaching many people about drip irrigation and raised bed gardening. We know his work is effective because many of the people who attend a workshop conduct their own training in order to help others.

Have you ever been to a conference that had people from many different states? Imagine what it was like when they went to worship services with over 150 people from 20 different African countries! Together they sang "God be with you until we meet again." God is father of us all!

The group has already been on 5 planes and has 5 more before they are home. The trip will end up being over 18,000 miles! Thinking about all the traveling done through Healing Hands to continue our projects reminds us how God always keeps us safe. We are thankful for everyone who constantly prays for our work.

Carl will be speaking tonight about ideas of ways that preachers can support themselves. The training we provide is to encourage others to help themselves. Look forward to hearing about the food security workshops they will be hosting soon.