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Posted by Taryn Foster on January 5, 2021
Matthew 25 encourages us to bring water to the thirsty and feed the hungry. Meeting physical needs in the Njeremoto community in Zimbabwe has created the opportunity to meet spiritual
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Posted by Jana Owen on November 6, 2020
Tropical Depression Eta is pulverizing the lands with water! There are landslides and flooding. Our partners are already discussing the difficulty of getting aid to those who need it.
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Posted by Taryn Foster on October 16, 2020
In the Bwengu village of northern Malawi, 59 people were trained in survival gardening techniques, bringing the total number trained to over 44,000 in 36 countries! Using compost, raised planting beds, and drip irrigation, trainees often double or triple their vegetable yield.
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Posted by Taryn Foster on August 5, 2020
This pandemic has manifested itself deeply into each of our lives. We have been physically and emotionally restricted in the United States. A multitude of people in other countries have lost their jobs, and in many countries these people live day by day off of what they earn.
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Posted by Emily Lansdell on June 25, 2020
Clean water wells funded through Walk4Water continue to flow in places Yendi, Ghana. At the Kamshegu Health Clinic in that village, a well was drilled for the patients and local residents that provided them with clean and accessible water.
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