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Posted by Emily Lansdell on May 15, 2020
Since the global pandemic has magnified hunger in areas where we serve, the work with our international partners has become more critical than ever.
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Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on May 6, 2020
Based on a recent survey of our Dorcas: Sewing for Jesus ministry supporters and participants, we have decided to schedule our annual Dorcas Workshops for late June of this year.
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Posted by Emily Lansdell on May 5, 2020
As families across the globe continue to struggle in different ways at this time, the overriding issue facing developing countries is hunger.
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Posted by Emily Lansdell on April 9, 2020
Every day, HHI Agriculture Trainer John Dube is a witness to how agriculture education changes lives and entire communities through sustainable gardens. Food shortage is an ongoing battle in developing countries like Zimbabwe, but even more so now during the global pandemic.
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Posted by Emily Lansdell on March 26, 2020
In an effort to help equip local hospitals and healthcare providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, Healing Hands International donated a surplus of medical
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