Where There is No Rain
Posted by Lori Kovach on November 10, 2011

Ebenezer Udofia, Assistant Director of Agriculture, just completed another Food Sustainability Workshop in the Horn of Africa. This workshop was held in the district of Turkana which is located in the north-western portion of Kenya and shares borders with Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda. Having no real "rainy season," this region has experienced decades of drought and famine and has been one of the worst hit areas in the current wave of famine that is devastating this part of the world.


With the help of Nairobi Great Commission School, Ebenezer was able to meet new contacts in Turkana. Talking with them confirmed the dire situation these people are in. They needed food immediately but they also needed hope for a better tomorrow. In order to meet their immediate needs, food was purchased in the nearby town named Lodwar and hauled by truck to the interior of Turkana. Local leaders and volunteers were instrumental in identifying villages with emergency needs and helped with the food distribution as well.


But Healing Hands doesn't just want to leave the people of Turkana with a "hand out"...we want to offer them a "hand up" and empower them to sustain a better quality of life for their families and community. With this goal in mind, Ebenezer held a Food Sustainability Workshop and trained 60 villagers in raised garden bed construction, drip irrigation, composting and mulching techniques. Over the course of three days, he coordinated the construction of 10 garden beds and demonstrated applying the drip kits and compost materials.


The people of Turkana are hard-working but the climate is not favorable for crop production. Now with the skills of sustainable food production and their very own drip irrigation kits they will be better equipped to feed themselves in the future. They were so thankful to Ebenezer and HHI that they presented him with a goat as a token of their appreciation! Ebenezer said, "These people were so excited that at last they now have found a way of providing food for themselves and a hope of ending famine in the future."


Check out our photo gallery to see the goat Ebenezer was given and many more pictures of the workshop as well!