Water for the Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute
Posted by Ashley Reeves on October 28, 2013

Healing Hands International received a letter of thanks from Charolotte Hackett, coordinator at the Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. 

The school sends their heartfelt thanks for the recent well we were able to drill on their campus. HHI partnered with the Walnut Church of Christ in Texarkana, TX and with an incredibly generous individual donor to fund the project. The water provided will serve as a resource for both the campus and the surrounding community. 

"We are so grateful to God and to Healing Hands International for providing our preacher training school: Nairobi Christian Centre Eastleigh, and the Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute, and by extension, the community, around us with water."

In her letter, Charolotte expressed her thankfulness for the partnership between HHI and KCITI. To her, and the people with whom she works, water is the most valuable resource available, and a wonderful asset to her ministry. 

"I was told that 360 ft is the depth they go for oil in the USA. To us, striking water is far more important and useful than if we had stuck oil."

The school had access to city water, but the system is broken down most of the time and when water does come in, it's only for a few hours a day. They had to store what they could find and it got larvae and debris in it, making it unsuitable for drinking.

The Lord has blessed this project so far, and we expect His blessings on this ministry in the future! The students from KCITI say, "Thank you for giving us HOPE as well as WATER".