Unifying a Community through a Cluster Garden in Zimbabwe

Community Garden Chairman Tawona Sithole said the cluster garden involving 40 families had built a sense of community through working together.  Tsverukai Muyambo says her four children help with weeding and carrying water.  They have raised cova, onions, mustard spinach, and butternut squash.  Next year they want to add okra, tomatoes, and carrots.   

Elizabeth Sithole raised mustard spinach, onions, and tomatoes.  She had been gardening but the raised beds and drip irrigation were new to her.  She says the new techniques have increased her production and she has sold the surplus to buy clothes for her children as well as things like salt and sugar.  Urayai Masitkati has eight children and five grandchildren.  The garden is a family activity that has provided tomatoes, onions, and pumpkins to eat and some to sell.  

Both Sarah Chipindaumwe and Susan Marwa have six children.  As they picked okra, they said, “The garden has helped us develop new friends as we work together in the garden."  Tinashe Gwabuya grows okra, butternut squash, and cova.  He said, “We are thankful for the garden training and garden fence.  We used to go to the mountain to pick wild vegetables.  Now we are raising our own vegetables!”  He also said, “The garden has unified the community and through working together new friendships have been created.”  

The Mwanyisa Church of Christ that meets under a tree near the garden has grown from six to 80 members in the last four years.   During the recent HHI visit several visitors were given World Bible School lesson #1.  As we say at Healing Hands International… first the bread, then the bread of life.