Three Years After the Disaster in Japan
Posted by Ashley Reeves on March 11, 2014

It is a day of solemn reflection in Japan.  Three years ago today, the incredibly powerful 9.0 undersea earthquake and tsunami hit the northern coast of Japan.  Although the epicenter was 43 miles east of the Tohoku prefecture, the resulting tsunami waves reached 133 feet in height and traveled six miles inland.  There were 15,884 confirmed deaths, 6,148 injuries, and 2,633 people missing.  In addition, 127,290 buildings and houses totally collapsed, and a million more were severely damaged.

The greatest toll, of course, was with the number of people who lost precious loved ones, and those who lost homes and businesses.   Japan is resilient.  In some areas rebuilt after the devastation, you can hardly tell anything has happened.  But the people of Japan still mourn the loss and many continue to struggle for normalcy.  

At Healing Hands International, we are extremely thankful for each of you who had a part in answering the call for relief.   We are grateful for the hundreds of thousands of dollars contributed to provide medical aid, food, clothing, transportation, and counseling.  And we appreciate beyond measure those individuals from across the world who dropped what they were doing to travel and bring warmth and compassion to the wonderful people of Japan.  

Finally, to Chad Huddleston, Jonathan Straker, Mike McLain,  Joel Osbourne, and the church families in Japan where  they serve, we send our deepest gratitude for their continuing depth of love expressed daily to those around them. 

By Jim Pounders