A Smile and a Song
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on December 13, 2011

It's been three years without rain. Everyday is a struggle to find food for your family. One morning you awake to the news that a man is coming to bring food relief to your village. His name is Ebenezer and he claims that the relief is a free gift of love offered by people who call themselves Christians. You are skeptical, but you join the gathering crowd who anxiously awaits his arrival.


A group of young mothers gather and begin singing songs of praise to God for this relief that is on its way. When this man, Ebenezer, arrives you can see immediately the kindness in his smile. Everyone in your village receives rice, oil and beans for their family and the children are given fresh milk to drink. As you look around, you realize that this man's bright smile and kindness is contagious. Your neighbors rejoice and sing!


This scenario is what HHI Vice President, Chris Gingles, witnessed last week as he traveled from village to village across Kenya with HHI African Ag Director, Ebenezer Udofia, meeting the people that are being touched by your compassion through his efforts. Traveling with Chris were HHI board member, Burt Nowers, and Christian Chronicle editor, Erik Trygestad. All three men were moved by the way these villagers responded to Ebenezer. His compassion for these people is obvious and they appreciate him everywhere he goes.


Over the past several months Ebenezer has trained hundreds of villagers like these in the life-saving skills of drip irrigation. He has distributed thousands of dollars in food aid, purchased livestock for communities and even helped a community contruct a rainwater catchment system. But most importantly, he has demonstrated the love of Christ to each person he meets. Learn more about Ebenezer and the food sustainability program in the Horn of Africa. Be a part of making an eternal impact.