Second Education Conference– A Success!
Posted by Ashley Reeves on October 22, 2014

In August, HHI hosted the first of four Education Seminars in Haiti. Five schools from the Port-au-Prince area were invited to the seminar. Each school was asked to send five of its best teachers plus the principal. The purpose of these seminars, according to International Education Director Dr. Bobbie Solley, is to begin the process of teaching teachers more effective strategies for literacy instruction.  The goal of education in Haiti has always been to provide teachers with the instruction they need in order to “help students become better readers and to help them read independently”. Solley believes that education is one of the most important avenues by which change can be affected in a developing country. Educating teachers who will then impact students will have immeasurable influence on the future of Haiti.

A second seminar was held in October. Under Dr. Solley's direction, 5 Haitian teachers who have worked with her for over two years, took the lead in training their Haitian peers. While Dr. Solley and several American teachers coordinated the seminar, the five Haitian teachers modeled for their peers. Junia demonstrated read aloud techniques while Jesula and Carole modeled shared reading and writing for Kindergarten through 2nd grade teachers.  Madeline and Marise both worked with older grade teachers engaging them in read aloud, discussion, and writing.

There have been struggles and challenges throughout the two years Dr. Solley has worked in Haiti, but she says after this second Education Seminar, "It has all been worth everything to see these teachers go from stoic and cynical about new techniques to embracing them as their own.  My heart swelled with such pride and an extreme gratefulness to our God who has been in and around this journey from the very beginning."

As always, we so appreciate your support for the Education ministry. We continue to be amazed at how God is working through these outstanding Haitian teachers.