Praise God for water in Kaadi, Ghana!
Posted by Cristen Harper on August 1, 2022

The ladies of Kaadi, Ghana were so excited for their new clean water well to be completed that they danced in the water as the well was being drilled! The celebration is partly because this community once had a well, but it had stopped functioning several years ago. As they danced and the water was spraying out from the ground, the ladies sang, "Healing Hands is a miracle worker that never stops transforming lives of the poor people and the needy communities. And for that, we will forever remain grateful to HHI."

Madam Elizabeth Duka, who spoke on behalf of the women at the well commissioning ceremony shared, "Since I was a child, I haven’t seen this type of love shown to man. I can’t find words to express our appreciation to you. I don’t know what we have done to deserve this kind of love. Indeed, you people are walking with God. So, we will continue to tell God never to depart from your organization." Your gifts to the Clean Water Ministry have truly uplifted this community and helped them feel seen and loved. THANK YOU!

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