Over 9,000 learned how to grow their own food last year!
Posted by Cristen Harper on January 21, 2022

In 2021, HHI’s Hunger to Harvest Ministry was able to host 176 Survival Gardening Workshops! There were an additional 54 follow-up Garden Maintenance Seminars in areas that have undergone a Workshop in previous years. This means that 9,466 individuals were taught how to raise their own food last year! You are making a difference by helping people learn how to help themselves. Thank you for your continued dedication to spread the Hunger to Harvest mission.

The Watamu Bay Village is a small town located in eastern Kenya. Due to high food prices, there has been a growing interest to strengthen and intensify local food production within this community. A few months ago, the HHI Survival Gardening Workshop demonstrated to 30 individuals how a backyard garden could enhance the food supply and improve their nutrition. The training consisted of making compost piles, constructing raised planting beds, and using drip irrigation. This workshop has taught previously unskilled farmers how to care for themselves and their families!

"For years I have planted large pieces of land but have not gotten a good harvest due to rain shortage. With the knowledge I have gained in this workshop, I will be the best farmer."

— Jonathan, HHI Workshop Attendee

"I have been in many trainings but this one today has completely changed my life. I am going to implement these skills immediately and I will call you to come see."

— Benjamin, HHI Workshop Attendee