Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher
Posted by Ashley Reeves on July 23, 2018

Meriba Luka Abdallah is one of 100,000 South Sudanese who have taken refuge in the Rhino refugee camp in Uganda. The 61-year-old Christian widow lives in a grass-thatched hut with her nine children and grandchildren. Despite her already large family, Meriba also serves as adoptive mother to two additional children who arrived at the camp without their parents.

Before being forced to flee her home in Juba, South Sudan because of intensifying conflict between Sudanese government forces, she worked as a school teacher. Although she doesn't have a classroom to operate out of anymore, you can be sure she is still teaching.

Our African Agriculture Director, Ebenezer Udofia paid a visit to Meriba recently and equipped her with a water filter for her family. Where HHI is not able to drill clean water wells, we provide water filters. Because of the transient nature of a refugee camp, it is a perfect example of this situation.

With her new water filter in hand, Meriba can be heard educating her large family about the importance of using the filter to purify the unclean water the children collect daily. We pray blessings on this family and their community and that through the gift of clean water, the love of Jesus has been shown.