New Milestone: 30,000 Equipped!
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on August 21, 2018

Since 2000, HHI has had the opportunity to conduct 600 workshops, equipping more than 30,000 people to feed themselves and their families for LIFE! But the impact does not stop there...each of these people are now empowered to teach others, making the impact of this ministry exponential.

Here are just a few of the special people whose lives have been changed this year alone...

This beautiful mom is Lilian Ayen from the Nebbi district of Northern Uganda. Lilian strapped on her seven month old son, Titus, to participate in an HHI food sustainability workshop this summer. She is 27 and a mother of three. Now she has the skills and tools needed to feed her family for life.

Frederick is a community leader and retired school teacher living in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. After participating in the two day workshop he told us, "We have all just been pretending to be we will go back to our farms as real farmers!"

Beatrice, 37, a mother of four was so thankful as the training provided hope for a better farm harvest. She was all smiles as she said “My home is just over the fence to this church compound, I am going to begin my own garden tomorrow and will be comparing my harvest with this demonstration site."

 These are just a few of the stories we could tell of the thousands of lives that have been changed. Just imagine if each of these people share what they have learned with just three more people! The impact is exponential! Will you join us in the fight to end hunger and...

Feed A Family For Life