New LIFE in Kenya
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on July 11, 2018

Sophy Atieno was a World Bible School convert of Jan Yates from Nashville, TN. Sophy relayed the need for food assistance in her community to Jan and an HHI workshop was planned for the area.

“Since my husband’s death in the hands of armed robbers in 2016, life has been very difficult for my six children and I. My children and I helped women in the market sell vegetables and they paid us 150 schillings ($1.50) and vegetable remnants daily. Now that I have received the Healing Hands garden training, my family will raise and sell our own vegetables. Thank you Healing Hands!”

With the proceeds from Sophy’s crops, she will be able to send her children to school, empowering them to change the culture for the next generation! This workshop was made possible because someone like you chose to "Feed A Family For LIFE." Now Sophy and 40 other families in Rongo Village, Kenya experience abundant LIFE both physically and spiritually.

Feed A Family For LIFE