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Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on December 13, 2011
It's been three years without rain. Everyday is a struggle to find food for your family. One morning you awake to the news that a man is coming to bring food relief to your village.
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Posted by Lori Kovach on November 30, 2011
What a wonderful year it has turned out to be for HHI's Magi Project. We have received an astonishing 18,627 Magi Boxes! This is a huge increase over the 14,000 that were put together last year.
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Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on November 15, 2011
God has truly blessed the water well ministry in 2011. Through your hands of compassion, we have been able to drill more than 100 wells, breaking a record for this ministry.
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Posted by Lori Kovach on November 10, 2011
Ebenezer Udofia, Assistant Director of Agriculture, just completed another Food Sustainability Workshop in the Horn of Africa. This workshop was held in the district of Turkana which is located in the north-western portion of Kenya and shares borders with Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda.
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Posted by Lori Kovach on November 9, 2011
Another season of the Magi Project is coming to a close and it's shaping up to be another record breaking year! Yesterday the staff at the Nashville office waved goodbye to a third container, this one heading to Honduras.
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