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Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on April 17, 2012
We plant seeds. Others will water and nurture and God will give the increase. Healing Hands has been planting both physical and spiritual seeds in Africa. Ebenezer Udofia, Healing Hand’s Agricultural Director to Africa, has been planting seeds in an uncommon way.  
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Posted by Lori Kovach on April 4, 2012
On a beautiful afternoon in Troy, Tennessee a group of more than 50 students gathered at Trojan Park to host their first ever Walk 4 Water. These students are a part of the "On Track" after school program that Troy church of Christ hosts on Wednesday afternoons.   
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Posted by Lori Kovach on March 22, 2012
The numbers are staggering and mind blowing. Imagine in a 12 month period the entire city of Los Angeles being wiped off the planet. All of them killed by contaminated water. This is what happens every year on our planet. Women spent 200 million hours walking to carry that water.
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Posted by Lori Kovach on March 13, 2012
In today's world, food prices are skyrocketing causing more and more people to face difficult decisions when it comes to feeding their families. This reality is not only evident in third world countries but is beginning to hit very close to home right here in the United States as well.
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Posted by Lori Kovach on February 17, 2012
The Women of Hope Conference for 2012 is officially "in the books." The staff of Healing Hands and the Women of Hope C
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