More Than a Milestone
Posted by Zach Bissell on May 15, 2018

We completed our 1000th water well on April 25th. This well was drilled in La Tremblay, Haiti, a town just 18km east of capital city, Port-au-Prince. The community now has easy access to clean water that gives opportunity for stability and growth.

Jean Levelt, a resident of La Tremblay, teaches a men’s Sunday School at a local church. Growing up, Jean walked several miles away to retrieve water from a river. He is thankful that kids do not have to live the same life he did.

“Jesus tells us that water is life. This community well will help our church reach out to the community,” said Levelt. “Kids won’t have to fight for water.”

We brought donors, Walk4Water coordinators, and board members to witness the well’s completion. Chairman of the Board, Bill Merry, was given the opportunity to test out the well.

“As we look forward, there’s no end to the amount of people that need a well close by, where they’re not having to walk 5-10 miles a day for water, even water that’s dirty,” said Merry. “What we’re looking to the future is more wells, more clean water – people are not having to suffer from cholera and all the waterborne diseases.”

La Tremblay is just one of our 350 well locations in Haiti. Beyond Haiti, we have drilled wells in 13 other countries. More than two million people have benefitted from our clean water projects.