More Than a Logo
Posted by Brooke Kehl on January 17, 2017

Last week, we received a letter and generous donation from someone who had never donated to HHI before. This particular donation left our staff humbled by how the Lord works in big ways through a simple act of marketing. This time, more specifically,  the Walk4Water label written on a blue container in Rehoboth, Delaware.

A few weeks ago Maureen McAleenan found herself running a half marathon in Delaware when she noticed a man carrying a blue container that read "Walk4Water” on it. She told us that during the rest of the race as the harsh wind was blowing against her and her legs began to feel weaker, she couldn’t get that message and phrase out of her mind.

“Here I was running for sport while others are traversing large distances purely for water, often times dirty at best, “ said McAleenan. Not long after this race, McAleenan sent us a letter with her story about how she was affected by seeing that phrase and how she learned of HHI.

The HHI Walk4water ministry stands for something bigger as recognized by Maureen McAleenan. Logo’s and organization labels, in general,  are used as a visual expression of a company’s identity, but “Walk4water” ministry name is also a phrase that communicates current suffering alongside the present and future hope we share in providing clean water and Living water with the financial support of people like Maureen.  

We are thankful for the ways that our Lord works, even through labels on containers. As we think about the beauty of this story  and if you or someone you know is asking the question, “How can I be involved with Healing Hands International?” One easy and helpful thing everyone can do is to use any HHI paraphernalia you may have!  Wearing your walk4water shirts, displaying Walk4water bumper stickers on your car, wearing your women of hope jewelry or purses and spreading the word to all of your friends about what the Lord is doing through this ministry are all great places to start.