Many "Mahalos" To Honolulu Church
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on September 25, 2018

Thousands of people from across the U.S. have caught on to the joy of Making A Godly Impact, but this year a new state jumped on board. For the first time ever, we received MAGI gifts from the beautiful island state of Hawaii!


The Honolulu church of Christ had been looking for more ways to get involved with service. The preacher's wife came across a story about HHI in the Christian Chronicle and the MAGI project seemed like a great fit! 

The whole congregation got involved and were able to ship 36 ziploc bags to our Nashville warehouse that can now be lovingly packed into MAGI gift boxes. Each bag also contained a postcard with an image from Hawaii and a beautifully penned note to the special child who would receive the gift.


This is the perfect example of how the love of MAGI spans cultures and geography. Anyone can get involved! If you haven't already, join us and find out how you can Make A Godly Impact!