Make A Difference Now and Eternally
Posted by Carl Burkybile on August 2, 2017

The nine member Caring for Kenya (CfK) and Healing Hands International mission team is pleased to report two baptisms on their recent trip to Kenya.  Nine congregations were visited, and the church leaders met to discuss moving forward with God’s plan for his church.  World Bible School lessons were provided for interested students and a community Bible study was held for 35 people.   Several children’s Bible classes and school classes were taught Bible stories and new songs.  The team shared evening devotionals and grew in their relationships with each other and with God.



Medical supplies were provided for Celestine and her clinic.  Because government clinics are currently on strike, she is treating three times her normal patient numbers meaning the supplies were a huge help.  Two new sewing machines were provided for members of the sewing coop.  Three primary schools and six secondary schools were visited.  Packets of school supplies and personal hygiene items were given to sponsored students.  The team was pleased to learn that many of the sponsored students were ranked near the top of their class.  This year 60 secondary school students are sponsored by CfK donors.



The trip included community dedication ceremonies of well projects at Nzawa and Kithumula, and the team placed donor signs on kiosks.  Community representatives spoke about the importance and impact of clean water.  Spokesman Carl Burkybile said, “we give water, give hope, give life”.   The team also spoke about seeking Jesus, the living water.


Utilizing agriculture trainer Vundi Kavuti, the team assisted in teaching people in the communities to utilize the new water source to raise their own food reducing hunger and malnutrion.  The two day survival gardening workshop at Nzawa trained 50 people with the development of 7 drip irrigated raised planting beds.  The one day workshop at Kithumula trained 25 people developing a two bed demonstration garden.



With the help of hydro-geologist Dean Ekberg and the Drilling for life drilling company, the last well in the second Rotary sponsored global grant water project was drilled at Masaani, Kenya.  The drilling hit water five times in the 80 meter deep well.  Mumbe Joseph has traveled over 12 miles to get contaminated water from a sand pit in the dried up riverbed at Masaani.  When the project is completed she and others will be getting clean water from the new well.


While in Kenya, the team read the water meters at the first global grant water project funded by a partnership of Caring for Kenya, Healing Hands International, Rotary Clubs, and Rotary International.  In the two and half years of operating the seven kiosk, three well projects have delivered 40 million liters of water to over 15,000 people.  The water project has changed lives and saved lives.  Through the oversight of community water committees, we expect these wells to continue impacting people for generations to come.