MAGI Season is Here!
Posted by Kayla Wood on August 14, 2019

MAGI Project- Honduras MAGI- Dianna Teel in Honduras

It’s officially MAGI season here at Healing Hands International! We are thankful for MAGI supporters, Steve and Dianna Teel, who recently had the opportunity to deliver MAGI boxes to the Baxter Institute in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The joy on the faces of these children is evidence of God’s hands working through the hands of people like the Teels and YOU! When God’s people work together, we can change lives around the world.

By participating in the MAGI Project, you have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact in the life of a child with this simple gift. MAGI boxes are delivered through churches in Honduras, Mexico, and Zambia where these boxes can mean the world to the children who receive them. While the gifts meet some physical and emotional needs, most importantly, they offer an opportunity for hearts to open to the love of Jesus Christ. 

Currently, there is a greater need for boxes for boys, as well as for all children ages 8-10 and 11+. Can you help to meet this need?

Participate in the 10 More Challenge by increasing your MAGI box count by 10 or more. While this may seem like a small change, God can work through this initiative to make an even greater impact than we previously thought possible! 

Join the work today and help reach this year’s goal of sending out 30,000 MAGI boxes. Be a part of #MakingAGodlyImpact across the world!

The turn in-deadline is OCTOBER 1.