Life-Saving Water Filters Fight Cholera in Haiti
Posted by Ashley Reeves on October 20, 2016

To everyone who has donated toward the relief effort in Haiti, we have been amazed by your generosity! Thank you for your support.

Because of swollen streams and rivers, impassable roads and lack of health education, cholera, an infectious and fatal disease that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea, has flared and is a growing threat to those who have been left in the aftermath of the storm. Since cholera is spread through unclean water, water filters are a vital piece of our relief effort. One 15 dollar water filter can have a life-changing impact on a family’s health during this time of recovery from the storm.

Today, our shipment of over 1000 Sawyer water filters (along with additional relief supplies) will depart for several points in Haiti including Haiti Christian Development Project, the International School of Theology and Hope for Haiti’s Children.

This past week, our partners at Haiti Christian Development Project and Hope for Haiti’s Children distributed a small number of filters to some of the most vulnerable and their families in the Nan Paul and Cite Soleil areas of Haiti. Along with general health education, both groups  provided training sessions on how to use the water filters as a prevention against the disease.

"We have lots of questions and are doing lots of research, but have learned [this relief effort] is going to take a lot of patience.” James and Abigail Rucker, also partners of HCDP say. HHI believes that by sending water filters, and allowing partners like HCDP and others to patiently follow through with distribution and health education, we can make an enormous difference in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Matthew.

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