The Journey to Restoration
Posted by Emily Lansdell on August 1, 2019

Last week, the Healing Hands staff in Nashville pulled in to the office to discover a surprise waiting in the parking lot. Overnight, a donated pump truck had arrived after traveling around 2,500 miles from Idaho to Tennessee. It was donated to HHI over three years ago to assist with well repairs in Haiti, but sat in Canada for several years while issues were resolved with the transfer of the foreign title.

After the truck’s eventual move to Washington, mechanic Kelly Perkins gave it a new lease on life before its next trip to Idaho and then Nashville. Longtime volunteer driller, Arron Swenson, committed to driving the truck to our Nashville office so that it could then be moved to Miami, and then to its final home in Haiti.

“Arron [Swenson] is the kind of guy you want on your team no matter what you are doing,” said HHI Vice President, Joseph Smith. “He is resourceful, persistent, and isn't afraid to boldly ask God or others for what is needed to bring people clean water.”

HHI has a long history with Swenson. He was the first driller to use the SD50 drilling rig in Haiti after it was released from the port. In the spring of 2010, he drilled 16 wells for HHI! Having grown up in a drilling family, Swenson brought his passion and experience to Healing Hands and has proven to be a huge asset for our clean water programs. He is also a mechanic and has helped to overhaul several of the engines on equipment in Haiti. 

In Haiti, the new pump truck will be used to install and repair water well pumps, making these jobs faster and safer for our crews. The ability to restore wells that are no longer functioning is especially important to maintaining the essential clean water that so many families depend on every day.

“The ability to restore wells is so essential to this process of bringing clean water to communities,” said Smith. “It’s important to drill wells, but it’s equally important to maintain these wells. We want to be a part of restoring wells that have stopped functioning and bringing back life and hope to communities through clean water.”

Thank you to our well drilling teams on the ground in Haiti, and to Arron Swenson, Kelly Perkins and the truck donor, Loyd Ingraham. You are truly transforming lives!