"I Can Drink...I Can Bathe!"
Posted by Alisa Van Dyke on July 30, 2013

"I can drink....I can bathe!" This was the response of a young girl in the tent city of Canaan when Healing Hands representative, Tim Vanderbeek told her that he had come to bring her clean water. The girl had been begging him all day for anything she could think to ask for, not realizing that he and the drilling crew had come to bring her an even greater gift than what she could imagine. 


Drilling for clean water is not always a simple "in and out" job, and this particluar well was no exception. After several days of trying to find water, the team was finally successful and a pump was installed. This girl was one of the first to use the pump and immediately drenched herself in the cold, fresh liquid. She then went running through the community shouting, "cold water!" 


This girl and the thousands of other precious souls in her community will now have access to clean drinking water, but they are also being given the opportunity to hear about the "Living Water!" To help us bring clean water to another community, why not create your own fundraising page for clean water?