Hurricane Maria's Aftermath - Where Is Puerto Rico Now?
Posted by Zach Bissell on June 27, 2018

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria ripped a path directly through the island of Puerto Rico. The storm destroyed roofs, flooded homes with multiple feet of water, and created unstable foundations. It ruined cars and washed away roads, making transportation almost impossible for certain people. Some have been without electricity since the hurricane.

On June 12th, we flew into San Juan, Puerto Rico with a mission to connect with locals who still face struggles after Maria’s landfall. Looking out our plane window, we could see blue tarps stretched across roofs scattered throughout the San Juan area. Not long after we landed, we stopped by the Los Angeles Church of Christ near San Juan and talked with Renier Arroyo. He is one of several preachers at the church.

That evening, we met with Luis Sardina, an elder at the Bayamón Church of Christ. We stayed with his family three nights. Luis brought us to various homes that needed to be repaired, including some homes in Jayuya, a very mountainous region. Bayamón has been a leader in disaster recovery throughout the island. They also host a popular summer camp for families each year.

In the latter half of the week, we met Jim Gullette, an American preacher at the Arecibo Church of Christ, as well as elders from churches in Vega Alta, Ponce, Cubuy, and Ceiba. Just like Bayamón, these churches have a vision to restore people’s lives back to normal, but need help doing this. We believe in the work they are doing, and we want to continue to support their efforts.

How often do we thank God for covering our needs? Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own possessions that we forget how richly blessed we are. We forget about our needs and focus on our wants, yet there are people in this world who wonder if their needs will be met each day.

Because of your help, we can bring these people back on their feet, and give them adequate protection for the future.

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