How You Can Help in South Sudan
Posted by Ashley Reeves on May 16, 2014

When a child cries, his mother smiles and attends him.  When a starving child cries, his mother weeps in frustration.  The world’s youngest country is on the brink of disaster.  We must respond!  Chilean fires and Crimean conflict have stolen the attention of the world.  Meanwhile, war in South Sudan has brought catastrophic shortages of food.  More than 800,000 people have been displaced within the country.  Another 280,000 have fled to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and North Sudan.  Ertharin Cousin, head of the World Food Program says, “This is a political crisis that is now evolving into a humanitarian catastrophe.”

Until the crisis began, Healing Hands International was poised to bring clean water to thousands with a newly purchased well-drilling rig.  Food is now the priority, however.  We need your help in order to respond significantly.  Healing Hands International is responding.  

  1. Funds have been sent to the Jonglei Christian Vocational Boarding School to assist displaced families who are rebuilding in Bor, South Sudan.
  2. Additionally, HHI is sending funds to Gambella, Ethiopia, where Christians are responding to the needs of refugees from Nassir, South Sudan.
  3. And finally, regionally available food in Nairobi, Kenya is being shipped to another refugee camp in Turkana, Kenya.


Continuing to send aid is imperative!  Starving families are barely surviving on grass and roots.  Unless more assistance comes, over 5 million people will be at risk of starvation.  It  would be the worst crisis in Africa since Ethiopia’s famine in the 1980’s, when hundreds of thousands of people died.


It is not too late, but it is URGENT that we respond NOW!  Will you help?

A gift of $25 will provide 350 servings of much needed food.

A gift of $160 will provide sleeping mats, mosquito nets, soap, and cooking utensils, and other supplies for a refugee family.


We cannot emphasize enough how important your gift is.  Thank you for your continuing compassion and prayers for the suffering people of South Sudan.

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