Hope on the Horizon in 2021
Posted by Taryn Foster on January 5, 2021

Matthew 25 encourages us to bring water to the thirsty and feed the hungry. Meeting physical needs in the Njeremoto community in Zimbabwe has created the opportunity to meet spiritual needs through the planting of the Chinyika Church of Christ! The distribution of food at Chedutu Primary school after cyclone Idai as well as a survival gardening workshop in the area led to a survival gardening community workshop in Njeremoto. Because of the financial impact of COVID-19, maize meal and seeds were provided to supplement the vegetables raised in the community garden. The community garden began to dry up, but this led to the drilling of a well for the garden and the community. 

As the love of God was shared through these interventions, the opportunity to share the Gospel was created. “Your preaching during the workshop not only touched me but quite a number of people,” said Njeremoto community garden chairperson Monica Kamudzi. “I am happy that today I am part of the new church.” 

With the leadership of HHI trainer John Dube and assistance of four preacher training students and Christians from the Chigadora congregation, Bible studies were conducted, and 50 people were baptized over a span of two weeks. The new congregation is meeting at the local Chinyika Secondary School. School Headmaster Tarivo expressed his happiness that the Church is meeting at his school. “I see the Church bring hope at this school,” said Headmaster Tarivo. “I look forward to having more teachers coming to the Church. I also hope our students will benefit morally, socially, and spiritually. Above all, I am proud to be among the first converts!” 

This congregation still has many needs. YOU can help meet these needs!