Health in Haiti "Where There Is No Doctor"
Posted by HHI Webmaster on October 4, 2011

One of the greatest expenses for a college student is textbooks. It is so tempting to complain about that expense, but can you imagine trying to go to school with no textbooks?
    Until this year, the students at the Delmas 28 nursing school in Port au Prince, Haiti had never had a textbook. Last month, HHI Director of Haiti Operations, Harry Hames, supplied every student at the school with the popular, “Where There Is No Doctor” textbook translated in Creole.
    Throughout the year, we have also provided the school with stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and a team of medical professionals is making plans to visit there later this month to provide additional instruction.  This school collapsed in the earthquake killing all of its students. In just a short 18 months that tragedy has been transformed into a blessing for these students and the patients they treat.Medical Team in Haiti
    Healing Hands believes in the power of education and that especially includes children. By educating children, we can change the culture of a nation for generations to come.
    That is why we were so excited to have the opportunity to partner with the Estes church of Christ, Henderson, TN, to build a new school in Ganthier, Haiti. This is the location where HHI drilled its first well in Haiti and now we are able to follow up with a new school building for 200 students.