Growing results with agriculture training
Posted by Emily Lansdell on August 16, 2019

HHI Agriculture Program holds 700th workshop in July
We are thrilled to celebrate the agriculture programs at Healing Hands as our trainers in Africa have now conducted the 700th agriculture workshop! Since the program began in 2000, more than 35,000 people have been trained to grow their own food in a sustainable way that has a far-reaching effect. The average family in Africa has 7 to 8 members in addition to the fact that many of our “students” go on to train others. The number of people whose lives can be improved by this program can literally translate to a million plus over the years. This is the most effective way to fight hunger on a global scale!

This most recent 700th milestone workshop was held July 23-24 in Zimbabwe with members of the Mashinga farming cooperative garden in the Nyazura region. This co-op garden was formed in 2013 and is comprised of 15 household families. A local minister, Nesbert Zvinzveku, has been very influential in organizing a number of workshops in this area. Workshop activities consisted of making raised planting beds, drip irrigation, composting, nursery management, and making fertilizer. Trainers also helped the attendees learn how to overcome challenges such as water shortage, pests, disease, and garden security, among others.

Judith Rwatiringa, a student at the workshop, said that she blames her prior poor yield in gardening to her lack of knowledge. The techniques taught at the workshop can be  used to completely change lives in this community for its residents like Judith.

“I have been wondering why I have not been making good progress,” Judith said. “I now understand why the workshop is called ‘Survival Gardening.’ The workshop has been an eye opener to me. I can foresee my garden becoming productive.”

Healing Hands also uses scientific animation videos that can be shared anywhere that offer individuals a form of training that they can begin and sustain on their own. We are grateful to supporters who believe in the power of this program and provide the funds needed to take this training and resources to new locations every year.

We are so thankful to our Director of Agriculture, Carl Burkybile, and to all of our trainers on the ground across Africa. We salute their tireless efforts to bring this important work to places where many have lost hope for a better way of life. At 700 workshops, we are just getting started!