Got Jelly?
Posted by Ashley Reeves on August 22, 2013

...because we’ve got plenty of peanut butter here at Healing Hands International! Josh Webster along with his son Tristen and Harry Hames, brought in 2,500 jars of peanut butter to be shipped to Haiti. Josh, the campus minister at the University of North Alabama Christian Center, has been organizing the collection of peanut butter for the past few months and had gotten over 1,000 jars. Then at the end of the summer, they had a community wide singing service, asking participants to being peanut butter with them. They brought in an additional 1,400 jars. 

HHI will send this peanut butter as a gift to children at local orphanages in Port-Au-Prince as a protein supplement for their diets. These children usually eat a large amount of rice, and it is very common for children to lack the proper amount of protein in their diets.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this collection and especially the UNA Christian Center.