Girls in Ghana: Lives Transformed
Posted by Brooke Kehl on July 8, 2016

EIGHT GIRLS from the God's Will Institute in Ghana (run by Women of Hope representative, Elizabeth Yakubu) decided to give their lives to Jesus. Each girl was baptized as a result of getting to hear daily of Jesus and his love for them. Not only have these girls been blessed to have the opportunity to learn a life skill, they have also had the opportunity to learn of the life-giver.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, HHI’s Women of Hope program was able to support 19 girls in the 2015-2016 school year.  The girls in Ghana are being trained in hairdressing and tailoring, becoming equipped with the skills they need to get a job once they graduate from the program. These skills will allow them to support themselves and their families. In additional news, the Women of Hope program has also helped finance the construction of a new building for the God's Will Institute.

HHI received the following email of praise and thanks from Elizabeth Yakubu:

“By God’s grace, these students that you sent money to support by Gods grace have given themselves to Christ. Praise God! Bless you and your family for bringing souls to Jesus. These boys and girls that had said they think that Jesus cannot be their friend, no one told them Jesus loves them and can save them until you support them to come and do training program in this school they meet Jesus. Thanks so much. God bless you all.” 

Healing Hands International has had the pleasure of being involved with the school for 3 years now. We truly believe that God is working through Elizabeth to reach these young women and impact their lives. The cost to support one young woman for one year in Elizabeth’s trade school is $200. This includes all food, uniforms, and supplies for the duration of the training.

If you would like to empower a Ghanaian girl through this project, please contact Lydia Steger at 615-832-2000.