First the Bread Then the Bread of Life
Posted by Lori Kovach on February 8, 2013

In the past year, Director of African Agriculture, Ebenezer Udofia conducted two survival gardening workshops for the Maasai tribe at Kajiado, Kenya. To assist them with immediate needs and to alleviate hunger and malnutrition, food aid was distributed to 225 men, women, and children. The pre-packaged meals were a result of a partnership between HHI, Caring for Kenya and Meals from the Heartland.


As a result of Tom Opondo and Ebenezer Udofia's involvement in the workshops and meal distribution, tribe member Nathan Ole Oloumu started training at Nairobi Great Commission School to learn farming and to prepare to preach. Last September a church was established with 115 people in attendance! They currently are worshipping under 3 trees.


During Jesus' short time here on Earth, he taught us that meeting the physical needs of people would create the opportunity to meet spiritual needs. First the bread then the Bread of Life.


Read Carl Burkybile's full report on The Challenges of the Maasai Tribe at Kajiado Kenya. To learn more about becoming involved in the "Hunger Fighting Team," contact Carl at