Dorcas Ministry Sends Aid to 9-Year-Old Girl in Guatemala
Posted by Brooke Kehl on December 9, 2016

Committed to making a difference in the lives of others, the HHI Dorcas: Sewing for Jesus ministry continues to come together to serve with sewing talents by creating dresses, diapers, blankets, etc. for people who need them.

Recently, our Dorcas ladies received a special request to make adult sized diapers for a young lady who can not go to school without them.

9-year-old Reyna Vanessa is a smart, kind and beautiful girl from Guatemala. But she doesn’t go to school because the other students call her “shuca” there which means nasty in English. She battles incontinence of urine and feces due to a surgery she had as a baby for meningocele. For a long time, Reyna wore a disposable diaper. But those diapers are expensive and didn’t fit Reyna well.

Even though there was a tight turnaround time for the project, the women at Main Street Church of Christ in Mt. Pleasant, TN and Ashland City Church of Christ in Ashland City, TN rose to the challenge. They took Reyna’s weight and height and designed a larger diaper pattern and made diapers and plastic covers so that she would be able to go to school.

We partnered with Health Talents International to get the diapers to Reyna earlier this year. Just last week, Reyna came back to the clinic to say thank you and give a gift of a hen for the “gringas” who brought her the diapers in her size.