Doctor in Clinic Notices Drastically Improved Health
Posted by Abbey Watson on July 27, 2017

Recently one of the HHI staff members, Sean, traveled to Haiti for two weeks along with church members from Bowling Green Kentucky. While they were in Haiti, the church members from Bowling Green were able to install pumps, pour concrete pads, see the drilling wells in action, and help repair wells.   




Even though this trip to Haiti was only two weeks, Healing Hands International discovered an amazing story regarding the 30 plus wells that were drilled in the Coupe Mardi Gras area of Haiti. 

The story goes back to a man named Piard and how he helps HHI. Piard helps Healing Hands by scoping out drilling locations in Haiti, and a few months ago he relayed back to us information about an area with over thousands of people that needed clean water. About four months later today after drilling the wells in the area Piard told us about, the residents of the Coupe Mardi Gras area have noticed a major improvement in their health, especially a clinic doctor named Charles.


Healing Hands came across Charles the clinic doctor when visiting the well outside of the clinic. Charles told Healing Hands that ever since the wells have been drilled in that area, there have been improvements among the cases of Cholera. There have been so many drastic improvements that Charles has only treated 2 cases of Cholera in the clinic since April! 

The clinic that Healing Hands visited mainly helped cases of Cholera and Diahrrea from the bacteria in the streams, but now even the most chronic cases of diarrhea in new born infants have stopped. A resident named Therese from the Coupe Mardi Gras area says this about the water before and after the well "We couldn't drink without treatment and sometimes we would drink the water but it was hard to find clean water. Now that we have wells, the clean water is a blessing that God sends to us here... we are very happy for the blessing that HHI gives us here at Coupe Mardi Gras." 

Piard continues to look for areas similar to Coupe Mardi Gras so that the we can saturate more areas with wells. Let us know in the comments any thoughts you may have!