Delivering Gifts of Joy
Posted by Lori Kovach on January 4, 2013

The Magi 2012 Photo Album is now in our Gallery! Take a moment to check out all the pictures from the most recent Magi trip. Sean Judge, Scott Saunders and Dr. Bobbie Solley, all from Healing Hands, led a team of 15 people to Mission Lazarus in Honduras. The group sorted gifts and then loaded their trucks up to visit different congregations in the area. What a wonderful way to show the love of Christ to these children!


A special thank you to Mission Lazarus for helping to make the Magi Project so successful. And for all of you that packed a Magi box this year...Thank You! I hope you will join us again as we seek to deliver more than 20,000 Magi gifts in 2013! For details on how to get your church or family involved in the Magi Project, click here.


Magi 2012 Photo Album