Clean water well in Ethiopia!
Posted by Cristen Harper on August 29, 2022

Martha Marke is the mother of two children, and she used to spend all day looking for water in the summertime. The closest water source to her home in Degara, Ethiopia, was a natural spring used by more than 200 families, so the wait times were extremely long. After walking 45 minutes to the spring and waiting all day, some women would return home at the end of the day without water. Can you imagine the defeat? The spring dries up in the summer, making it impossible for everyone to fetch water from it.

Now, this community has a clean water well! Martha says, "The new well in my village will save me a lot of time. I have young children and I can spend more time tending to them."

Praise God for the gift of clean water! Thank you for your support. The impact of your generosity will equip and empower families and communities for years to come.

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